14 Sep

Jersey International Air Display 2017

Jersey International Air Display 2017

The skies above Jersey have enjoyed an annual air display for over 62 years, delighting and attracting many tens of thousands of local residents and visitors to enjoy one of the most eagerly anticipated events in Jersey’s summer programme of activities. Coupled with the fact that it is also arguably one of the finest free air shows in Europe.

First staged in 1952 the ‘Battle of Britain Air Display’, has taken place every year, with the exception of 1954. Alongside the air display itself the event also boasts two major static displays of aircraft, one at Jersey Airport and the other in Peoples’ Park, St Helier, adjacent to the ‘arena area’ along Victoria Avenue, which for many spectators is the favoured vantage point and also boasts a dedicated commentary courtesy of BBC Radio Jersey.

For more information please visit: www.jerseyairdisplay.org.uk


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